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Shenzhen Optoelectronics as a high-tech supplier of high power LED components has a strong team of professional personnel to handle all phases of production from research and development, quality control, technical supporting and after services, and all the products are practiced according to ISO 9001 quality control system. We are providing all kinds of high power led components, specially bright light and consistent color in LED. The s high power led can generate 30 - 140 lumen per 1 watt.


1) High luminance, with the highest reaching 30 - 140 lumens
2) High-power 1W, 3W, 5W LED 3) Made of hi-off AS/TS AlInGaP and GaInN chips 4) Precise package technique 5) With heat dissipation 6) High luminous efficiency 7) Low decay and long endurance 8) Colors available: green, yellow, red, blue and white 9) Perfect heating radiating function
10) Application: Lighting