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1) SMD Indoor Display Panel--0603, 0805, 3-in-1 SMD
2) Full color
3) Pixel pitch: 6mm, 7.62mm and 10mm for the viewing distance ranging from above 6m to above 10m.
4) Brightness of the whiteness: Pitch 6mm-above 1300mcd, Pitch 7.62mm-above 1200mcd and Pitch 10mm-above 700mcd 
5) Pixel Density: Pitch 6mm-27777pixels/m2, Pitch 7.62mm-17222pixels/m2
6) Pitch 10mm-10000pixels/m2
7) Low power consumption, and long life span
8) Dot Matrix Indoor Display Panel--3.0mm, 3.75mm & 5mm modules
9) Single or duel color for displaying messages, cartoons, schedules at station or airport, etc.
10) Pixel Pitch: 4mm, 4.75mm, 7.62mm
11) Brightness of the whiteness: Pitch 4mm--180mcd, Pitch 4.75mm--140mcd, Pitch 7.62mm--70mcd
12) Pixel Density: Pitch 4mm--62500pixels/m2,  Pitch 4.75mm--44321pixels/m2, Pitch 7.62mm--17222pixels/m2 
13) Low power consumption and long life span