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The professional LED display manufacturer and displays supplier in China. Gu products fields include indoor display and outdoor LED displays, full color LED screen, time signs show, LED moving sign, led board. Gu supplies LED Displays widely used for electrical appliances, mobile phone, public, traffic system advertisement, bank and so on. They are the range of LED screens developed by ISO 9001 certificated Gu Light Emitting Diode display supplier that designs, manufactures and distributes innovative products internationally with full commitment to customer service at the most competitive prices. We are well-known as qualified and credited in LED display screens industry. If you require prompt, dependable service backed with a reputation of integrity, Gu has the expertise to satisfy all of your needs. Contact us today for more details. We would like to cooperate with you sincerely.

All LED Display Series:

Indoor LED Displays Screen Outdoor LED Displays Screen
  • GYX-2388 Indoor LED Display Screens
  • GYX-XNP10 Full Color Signboard Outdoor LED Display Screens
  • GYX-P6 (3 in 1) Indoor LED Displays Screen
  • GYX-XNP12 Widescreen Outdoor LED Displays Screen
  • GYX-P6 (3 To 1) Indoor LED Display Screens
  • GYX-XNP16 Full Color Outdoor LED Display Screens
  • GYX-P762 (3 in 1) Indoor LED Displays Screen
  • GYX-XNP20 Outdoor LED Displays Screen
  • GYX-P762 (3 to 1) Higher Brightness Indoor LED Display Screens
  • GYX-XNP25 Electronic Outdoor LED Display Screens
    LED Display Module  
  • GYX-1388 LED Display Module
  • GYX-1588 LED Display Module
  • GYX-2388 LED Display Module
  • GYX-P6F0 (3 in 1) LED Display Module
  • GYX-P6F0 (3 to 1) LED Display Module
  • GYX-P762F0 (3 in 1) LED Display Module
  • GYX-P762F0 (3 to 1) LED Display Module
  • GYX-P10F0 (3 in 1) LED Display Module
  • GYX-XNP10 LED Display Module
  • GYX-XNP12 LED Display Module
  • GYX-XNP16 LED Display Module
  • GYX-XNP20 LED Display Module
  • Indoor LED Display Manufacturer

    Indoor LED Displays Screen

    • Full color, low power consumption and long life span.
    • Single or duel color for displaying messages, cartoons, schedules at station or airport.
    • Indoor display panel 0603, 0805, 3-in-1
    • Indoor display panel 3.0mm, 3.75mm & 5mm modules
    • Pixel Pitch: 4mm, 4.75mm, 7.62mm
    • Pixel pitch: 6mm, 7.62mm and 10mm for the viewing distance ranging from above 6m to above 10m.
    • Brightness of the whiteness: Pitch 4mm--180mcd, Pitch 4.75mm--140mcd, Pitch 7.62mm--70mcd
    • Brightness of the whiteness: Pitch 6mm-above 1300mcd, Pitch 7.62mm-above 1200mcd and Pitch 10mm-above 700mcd
    • Pixel Density: Pitch 4mm-62500pixels/m2, Pitch 4.75mm-44321pixels/m2, Pitch 6mm-27777pixels/m2, Pitch 7.62mm-17222pixels/m2, 10mm-10000pixels/m2
    • Application in indoor decorate, supermarket, marketplace, bar, restaurant, cabaret guest house etc.

    Outdoor Billboard LED Display Manufacturer

    Outdoor LED Displays Screen

    • Wide viewing angle, low power consumption and long life span.
    • Displayed colors: 16.7 million colors
    • Warranty : one year.
    • Color options: single, duel and full color for display message, cartoon, video or TV show.
    • Pixel Density: PH12--6944pixels/m2, PH16--3906pixels/m2, PH20--2500pixels/m2, PH25--1600pixels/m2
    • Pixel Pitch: 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 31.25mm for full color for a viewing distance ranging from 10m to 400m

    LED Display Module Manufacturer in China

    LED Display Module

    • Power for logic or LED requires Switching Mode Supply.
    • Use power bus bar when connecting power. It helps power to keep from falling down.
    • Please don't change "switch was set as outgoing". The switch was set as out-going.
    • Any further question or trouble herein will be worked out mutually by customer and supplier through sales manager.